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A Corporate Remote Deposit Capture Solution

ecapture is a tool that provides you with the flexibility to meet the demands of your business by electronically capturing and depositing checks into Blackhawk Bank & Trust. By simply placing your check(s) into a scanner, both the front and back of your check images are automatically captured. A secure Internet connection is then used to deposit the checks electronically with Blackhawk Bank & Trust. This time saving solution makes it more convenient than ever to do business with your company or organization!

How does ecapture work?

By simply having a PC, scanner, and Internet connection, checks received at your business can be scanned and electronically deposited into Blackhawk Bank & Trust. After recording your “virtual deposit slip” into the program and feeding the checks into the scanner, the system creates check images, determines check amounts, verifies routing numbers, checks for duplication, and so much more. Once balanced, the batch is sent electronically to the bank for processing.

What are the benefits?

  • Convenient and flexible deposits
  • Eliminates frequent trips to the bank
  • Improved cash flow & availability of funds
  • Extended deposit processing windows
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced document loss
  • More time to focus on your business needs

How do I know if my business would benefit from ecapture?

If you are a customer with minimal cash needs and deposit a large number of checks daily, please see us to discuss Remote Deposit Capture! Other factors to consider when looking at Remote Deposit Capture for your business include frequency of deposits, traveling distance, time outside of the office, and staff efficiency. Contact a Blackhawk Bank & Trust representative today to see if ecapture is a fit for you.





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