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Instructions to install the new version of Premier ACH. You will need to install the free Adobe Reader to view these instructions.If you need assistance, please contact the eCORP department at 309-787-4451.

A Corporate Cash Management Solution

eCORP is a corporate cash management solution accessed over the Internet. This product is for businesses and organizations who desire a comprehensive and secure cash management system. eCORP offers the control and flexibility needed to optimize funds management anytime, anywhere.

eCORP is extremely secure. System is protected by several industry tested and perfected firewalls and encryption methodologies so that you can use it without concern. Since you choose who has access to eCORP and what access each individual has, you can have confidence that your employee has only the information and abilities that you want them to have.

As a corporate cash manager, eCORP can assist you in making immediate and accurate decisions based on real-time information. As a business you can access accounts and review transaction histories, manage transactions and transfers, utilize ACH Processing, perform stop payments, and much more.

ACH processing capabilities allow you to pay your employees with direct deposit or electronically debit payments, fees, or offerings. Businesses or organizations interested in direct deposits or debits would benefit the most from eCORP's ACH Processing.

eCORP is offered to Blackhawk Bank & Trust business customers for a tiered monthly fee based on the number of customers with automatic withdrawals and/or the number of employees receiving direct deposit. This fee includes an unlimited number of accounts and customized security. For business customers desiring expanded services, wire transfers can be added to the service as well as Remote Deposit Capture.

Customer Talk

"We use eCORP for cash management, checking our account balances and for payroll direct deposits. The great advantage is that we no longer have to call the bank for balances. We can now see the checks coming in and going out. It is great for cash management."
Mary- Lewis Machine & Tool.

"We have locations in multiple states and are able to do cash transfers and payroll for all of them. We are located in Iowa and it is a big convenience not to have to go to the bank to handle our accounts." Susan- Auto Systems Experts.


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