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Merchant MasterCard/Visa

Blackhawk Bank & Trust and Security Card Services
Working together to provide you with the very best in MasterCard/Visa Merchant Processing Services.

Blackhawk Bank & Trust is pleased to offer Security Card Services (SCS), in association with NPC. SCS is an independent sales organization that Blackhawk Bank & Trust has partnered with to provide a suite of electronic processing solutions – efficiently and promptly – to our merchant customers. APPLY TODAY!

Security Card Services is a partner that can offer your business not only a broad range of outstanding products and superior services, but also the stability and experience to make your business ventures a success! Their quality service, combined with their proven technical expertise, uniquely positions us to meet the needs of your business. SCS provides our customers with the ability to accept any form of electronic payment.

You will have complete access to an extensive array of electronic transaction processing products and services, including:

  • Visa, MasterCard and Discover

Security Card Services offer transaction authorization and settlement, provision of monthly statements, ongoing telephone support, chargeback and retrieval handling, along with quick and reliable settlement to your financial institution.

  • American Express and JCB

SCS supports transaction authorization of American Express and JCB cards, and delivers quick and reliable settlement to your financial institution.

  • Debit Card Processing

SCS also offers authorization and settlement of most major PIN-based debit transactions.

  • MyNPCdata.net

MyNPCdata.net is a centralized, online source of merchant status and transaction information available through an Internet browser enabling merchants to view the following important processing information:

    • Monthly Statements
    • Daily and monthly transaction summaries
    • Card summary for sales and returns
    • Retrieval and chargeback information
    • Search for a specific transaction
    • Look at payment history
  • NPC Secure

NPC Secure is an internet-based, real time credit card and check payment application that enables merchants to process and manage internet, telephone, and face-to-face transactions quickly and easily.

  • PCI Compliance

SCS helps you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards to ensure that your card acceptance practices are as secure as possible.

  • NPC Mobile

NPC Mobile taps into modern technology while putting the power of payments directly into your merchant’s phone. By enhancing a device that they already own, merchants can easily get the payment processing power they need for their business at a fraction of the cost. NPC Mobile works on most smartphone operating systems and does not require a specific wireless provider to operate. This is ideal for on-the-go merchants such as: contractors, lawn care, repairmen, house cleaners, home interiors, and vacuum sales.

Both Blackhawk Bank & Trust and SCS understand that without credit card processing capabilities the merchant loses sales. That’s why our goal is to set up most retail and restaurant accounts within 4-5 days from the time a merchant processing application is received.

When choosing to go with Blackhawk Bank & Trust and SCS we can guarantee that you will receive many benefits. SCS provides processing solutions which include supporting all major payment types. They also offer a short start-up time, whether your business is just starting out, or if you’re switching to their services, you’ll get the support you need to get your system up and running in no time. They offer superior service and support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. SCS also has great point-of-sale solutions. Their terminals come in all shapes and sizes, with lots of bells and whistles to choose from. Their preferred providers offer a range of terminal and PC solutions that offer the flexibility your business needs. Last but not least, their cutting edge technology offers complete access online to all transactional data. This innovation in online reporting brings the latest technology to merchant members in a safe, simple, secure environment.

If you would like to find out how Blackhawk Bank & Trust and SCS can make your business prosper with a merchant MasterCard and Visa processing program, contact our merchant services department, at (309) 787-9528.


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