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eCHIEF Internet Banking & QuickBooks®

Blackhawk Bank & Trust now offers Web Connect to download account information into QuickBooks®, which gives you the power to manage your business more effectively.

QuickBooks® will allow:

  • No manual data entry - Once you're set up, you can download all your transactions right into Quicken® - instead of typing them in by hand.
  • Automatically reconcile date - Web Connect data includes complete transaction and balance information to make categorization and account reconciliation easy.
  • No duplicate transactions- Web Connect incorporates a special transaction - matching algorithm that prevents the download of duplicate transactions.
  • Easier to use - Web Connect files may be automatically opened by QuickBooks® directly from the Blackhawk Bank & Trust eCHIEF Internet Banking site, which eliminates the need for you to search for files that have been downloaded.
  • Automatic account setup- Simply initiate a download to QuickBooks® from the Blackhawk Bank & Trust eCHIEF Internet Banking site, and QuickBooks® sets up your accounts for you - with your data already up to date.

What you'll need to get started
First, you will need a Customer ID and Password. With Web Connect, your Customer ID and Password are the same as the ones you use to login to the Blackhawk Bank & Trust eCHIEF Internet Banking website.

Once you have this information, you are ready to enable your accounts in QuickBooks®. For assistance, please see the QuickBooks Getting Started Guide that applies to your program. Please select the appropriate guide from the list below.

QuickBooks 2010-2012 for Windows

QuickBooks 2010-2012 for Mac



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