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THE CHIEF 24 Hour ATM Drive Up Locations


Auto FastBank - 301 West 4th Street - Milan
Milan Parkway - 2009 East 10th Avenue - Milan
Lil' Hawk - 4610 38th Street- Rock Island
Valley Hawk - 200 1st Street - Coal Valley
Valley Center - 4100 44th Avenue - Moline
70th Street Branch - 3600 70th Street - Moline
Silvis Branch - 1100 1st Avenue - Silvis
East Moline Branch- 1315 Avenue of the Cities- East Moline
Geneseo Branch - 225 U.S. Hwy. 6 East - Geneseo
Aledo Branch - 1308 Southeast 4th Street - Aledo
Edgington Branch - 13917 134th Avenue West Suite 1 - Taylor Ridge
Davenport Branch - 3889 Elmore Avenue - Davenport, IA
LeClaire Branch - 323 South 2nd Street - LeClaire, IA
Princeton Branch -
335 River Drive - Princeton, IA

Outside of 7-Eleven - 38th Street & John Deere Rd. - Moline (Cash Dispenser Only)
3102 18th Avenue - Rock Island (Cash Dispenser Only)
1924 16th Street - Moline (Cash Dispenser Only)
1365 41st Street - Moline (Cash Dispenser Only)
102 3rd Street - Colona
1604 Cleveland Road - Colona

THE CHIEF 24 Hour ATM Walk Up Locations

Hotel Blackhawk - 200 East 3rd Street - Davenport, IA (Cash Dispenser Only)
Indian Bluff Golf Course - 6200 78th Avenue - Milan, IL (Cash Dispenser Only)
Lunds 66 - 977 Spruce Hills Drive - Bettendorf, IA (Cash Dispenser Only)
General Grind and Machine Employee ATM - 2103 Southeast 5th Street - Aledo, IL (Cash Dispenser Only)
Genesis Medical Center - 409 Northwest 9th Avenue - Aledo, IL (Cash Dispenser Only)
Rock Island High School - 1400 25th Avenue - Rock Island, IL (Cash Dispenser Only)

Casey's General Store ATM Locations

These ATMs are available for BhB&T ATM and Debit Card Holders to use in network and surcharge-free.

428 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA
5226 University Avenue, Cedar Falls, IA
1987 Second Street, Coralville, IA
2798 Commerce Drive, Coralville, IA
4151 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, IA
2699 Rockdale Road, Dubuque, IA
204 N Dubuque Street, Iowa City, IA
3902 State Street, Bettendorf, IA
121 S Mississippi, Blue Grass, IA
222 Front Street, Buffalo, IA
1336 Camanche, Clinton, IA
207 W Access Road, Columbus Junction, IA
11200 140th Street, Davenport, IA
3700 W Locust Street, Davenport, IA
6278 North Pine Street, Davenport, IA
1691 W 53rd Street, Davenport, IA
1515 11th Street, DeWitt, IA
504 5th Street, Durant, IA
840 E LeClaire, Eldridge, IA
210 Jones, LeClaire, IA
3010 University Drive, Muscatine, IA
3509 Steamboat Way, Muscatine, IA
1111 Oregon Street, Muscatine, IA
500 Hwy 67, Princeton, IA
780 N Main Street, Walcott, IA

2017 Fox Creek Road, Bloomington, IL
150 N Giant City Road, Carbondale, IL
1001 N Anne Glidden, DeKalb, IL
223 W Main Street, Galesburg, IL
1002 E Jackson Street, Macomb, IL
1552 W Jackson Street, Macomb, IL
810 N Beech, Normal, IL
1301 S Main Street, Normal, IL
1930 N Linden Street, Normal, IL
2114 W Farmington Road, Peoria, IL
303 SW 3rd Street, Aledo, IL
103 6th Avenue, Andalusia, IL
411 5th Street, Andover, IL
300 E Henry, Atkinson, IL
306 N 2nd Avenue, Carbon Cliff, IL
1025 12th Street, Erie, IL
837 N College Avenue, Geneseo, IL
601 Main Street, Keithsburg, IL
1105 West 10th Avenue, Milan, IL
1112 W Broadway, Monmouth, IL
831 S Main, Monmouth, IL
1101 Division Street, Orion, IL
302 N High Street, Port Byron, IL
201 N Main Street, Reynolds, IL
912 13th Street, Viola, IL

As a Blackhawk Bank & Trust Debit or ATM cardholder, you'll receive no additional surcharges on checking account transactions and savings account deposits and inquiries made at any ATM owned and operated by Blackhawk Bank & Trust, including those machines added to our network through our partnership with select Casey's General Stores as defined by the listing of locations on our bank website. This listing of surcharge-free locations is also available at any branch location. Additional fees may be assessed for transactions made at any non-proprietary ATMs (those not owned, operated, or otherwise under agreement with Blackhawk Bank & Trust), including any machine operating on the Accel, Exchange, MasterCard®, Cirrus®, Maestro®, Shazam®, or other networks.

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