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Introducing new ATM & Debit Cards
We proudly announce our new partnership with Fiserv EFT. Our new partnership allows us to offer a more comprehensive package of products and services to best meet your needs. The partnership with MasterCard® and the Accel/Exchange ATM network will allow the bank more efficiency in processing our ATM/Debit card transactions, thus giving you better customer service, and most importantly, allow for more functionality for you. Including the option to change your PIN at any ATM at anytime, create a photo ID card, or customize your card for a unique Debit card design created by you.

When will I receive my new card? Your new card, followed by a pre-assigned PIN, will be arriving in your mailbox the week of June 11, 2012.

How and when can I activate my card? Activating your new card is quick and easy. Choose to either call the toll-free number or use an ATM to activate your new card. When using the toll-free number, please note: it is important that the bank have your correct phone number on file. If you have changed your phone number recently, we advise that you call or stop by to let us know prior to activating your card by phone. When to activate: you can activate your card by the toll-free phone number as soon as it arrives. Your new card will be ready to use on June 18, 2012. Activation by ATM is available on July 1, 2012.

Will I have a new card number? Yes, your ATM or Debit Card will have a new card number. If you currently have automatic recurring debits tied to your current Visa® debit card number, we recommend contacting those companies as soon as possible to supply them with your new MasterCard® debit card information so that there is no interruption in the payments for those items/services.

Can I use my MasterCard® at all the same places I used my previous debit card? Yes, in the U.S. MasterCard® is as widely accepted as Visa®. There should be no difference in how, when, and where you are able to use your new MasterCard® debit card.

CHIEFChek Questions and Answers

What is CHIEFChek?
How safe is CHIEFChek to use?
How do I activate my CHIEFChek debit card for use?
Will all ATM and debit cards be reissued?
Can I link my savings account to CHIEFChek?
What happens if I lose my CHIEFChek debit card?
Can I issue a Stop Payment order on a CHIEFChek purchase?
What is the cost to replace a lost, damaged, captured or stolen CHIEFChek debit card?
I want to close my account. What should I do?
My CHIEFChek debit card was captured at an ATM. Will it be returned to me?

Q: What is CHIEFChek?

A: It's a debit card that essentially operates as an electronic checkbook at any merchant who accepts MasterCard® debit cards. It also doubles as an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card for making deposits, withdrawals, or transfers between your checking and savings accounts.

With worldwide, global convenience you can use the card at any location that accepts MasterCard® debit cards. That includes merchants across the world. Plus you have ATM access 24 hours a day in hundreds of thousands of locations. Use your CHIEFChek at ATMs wherever you see the MasterCard®, Cirrus®, Maestro®, Accel, Exchange or Shazam® (Iowa ATMs only) symbols.


Q: How safe is ChiefChek to use?

A: Very safe! To use your debit card, you must use your personal identification number (PIN) for ATM and point-of-sale (POS) transactions. A lost or stolen card is of no value to another person as long as they don't know your PIN. Likewise, if you choose the Credit option when making a purchase, there is no need to enter your PIN. Merchants who accept MasterCard® debit cards would require any credit transaction be completed by your signature, which they are expected to verify with your signature on the back side of your CHIEFChek debit card.


Q: How do I activate my ChiefChek debit card for use?

A: Your CHIEFChek debit card can be activated in a couple of ways. You can activate your card by calling the toll-free phone number on the label adhered to the front of your new card. This toll-free number will allow you to securely activate your debit card and, if you'd like, choose a new PIN. You may also activate your card by using it at any ATM. Once you enter your correct PIN and perform a transaction, your card is activated.


Q: Will all ATM and debit cards be reissued?

A: Not all. In most cases, if you are an ATM or debit cardholder banking at our Aledo or Edgington branches, your ATM or debit card will remain unchanged. The new card reissue applies only to those Blackhawk Bank & Trust customers with Visa debit cards and Shazam ATM cards.


Q: Can I link my savings account to ChiefChek?

A: Yes and No. You can access your savings account with a CHIEFChek debit card via ATMs. However, all purchase transactions will be posted to your checking account.


Q: What happens if I lose my ChiefChek card?

A: Contact us immediately during business hours at (309) 787-7567 or after regular business hours, call the Fiserv toll free number at (800) 472-3272. You must contact us within 48 hours of your debit card being lost or stolen to eliminate your liability for fraudulent card usage.



Q: Can I issue a Stop Payment order on a ChiefChek purchase?

A: No. Stop Payment orders are not allowed on a CHIEFChek purchase. Instead, you can dispute your purchase by asking us to perform a Chargeback procedure on your behalf. There is a $10.00 service charge for each Chargeback we perform on your behalf. If you have lost your transaction receipt, an additional $5.00 will be charged for a transaction Retrieval. Please refer to our account disclosure for complete details on the Chargeback process.


Q: What is the cost to replace a lost, damaged, captured or stolen CHIEFChek debit card?

A: There is a $15.00 service charge to replace a lost, damaged, captured or stolen card. Rush orders require an additional $15.00 service charge. Next Day orders are $50.00 plus applicable shipping charges.


Q: I want to close my account. What should I do?

A: You must deliver all CHIEFChek cards linked to your account immediately. After one business week, we will issue you a check for the remaining balance in your account. This procedure allows for any authorized but unposted transactions to post to your account before it is closed.


Q:My CHIEFChek card was captured at an ATM. Will it be returned to me?

A: No. MasterCard® debit card rules prohibit captured debit cards from being returned to cardholders in an effort to prevent fraud, theft, or counterfeiting. If your card is captured by an ATM, contact us immediately at (309) 787-7567 and we will order a new CHIEFChek card for you.


Please be advised that certain merchants such as hotels, motels, lodging, restaurants, car rental companies airlines, passenger railways and U.S. cruise lines may require outstanding authorizations and/or gratuities that place an extended hold on your account. This practice may affect your daily withdrawal limit.


Important Reminder:

You can use your CHIEFChek card anywhere MasterCard® debit cards are accepted. If you choose the Credit option when making a purchase, there is no need to enter your PIN. If you choose the Debit/ATM option and experience any difficulty, simply try again and select the Credit option. Either way, the amount of your payment or purchase will be deducted from your checking account.

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