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Electronic Transfer Account(ETA)

The Electronic Transfer Account (ETA) is a non-interest bearing account available only to individuals who receive Federal benefit, wage, salary, or retirement payments electronically. Available funds on deposit can be withdrawn by presenting a properly completed withdrawal request form to one of our tellers or with your ATM card.

Electronic Transfer Account (ETA) To open this account you must provide us with current identification and an accurate tax identification number and sign up for direct deposit.

There is no minimum balance required to open or maintain this account.

·  The monthly maintenance fee is $3.00.
·  Eligibility for an ETA account is limited to individuals who receive Federal
   benefit, wage, salary, or retirement payments.

·  In addition to electronic deposits, cash and checks may be deposited into
   ETA accounts.

·  The overdraft fee is $10.00. This fee will not exceed $10.00 per 24-hour
   settlement period.

·  Four free ATM transactions are allowed at Blackhawk Bank & Trust's
ATMs if; you have no other debits on the account. After four
Blackhawk Bank & Trust ATM transactions, there will be a $1.00 charge
assessed to your account for each ATM transaction
·  Four debits are allowed on this account per monthly statement cycle.
·  After four debits, you will be charged $1.00 per debit to the ETA account.
·  A $1.00 charge will be assessed to the account for any foreign
ATM withdrawal.

·  You may use your ATM card for on-line POS access.
·  Balance inquiries are limited to 4 per month.
·  No checks will be issued and no ACH debit capability will be permitted.
·  Monthly statement provided with no additional fee.

ATM cash withdrawal Frequency limit: three per day
*ATM transactions include, but are not limited to, deposits, withdrawals, funds transfers and inquiries. (You Must Have A Checking Account To Receive An ATM Card)
Automatic teller machine card first card FREE
  replacement card $ 10.00
Special statement   $ 5.00
Any account closed within sixty (60) days of opening   $ 15.00

Many Federal benefits payments, including Social Security benefits, Supplemental Income benefits, Veteran's benefits, and Railroad Retirement benefits, are protected from attachment under Federal Law. This means that your creditors do not have the right to have these funds taken out of your ETA. There are a few exceptions, however. For example, funds in your ETA can be taken to satisfy child support or alimony obligations you owe. [If you deposit funds other than Federal benefit payments to your ETA, your creditors may be able to have those funds taken out of your account, but your Federal benefits would still be protected.]

If Blackhawk Bank & Trust receives an order of attachment, garnishment, or levy, we will immediately send you a copy of the order and the name of the creditor and contact person, if any.

If you have any questions about a creditor's right to remove funds from your ETA, contact your benefit agency or your local legal services organization.

Blackhawk Bank & Trust is required by the Department of Treasury to ensure that your ETA meets certain criteria and to provide you with certain disclosures about your ETA. These obligations are set forth in an ETA Financial Agency Agreement between Blackhawk Bank & Trust and the Department of Treasury. The text of the ETS Financial Agency Agreement is publicly available and is published in the Federal Register at 64 FR 38510, dated July 16, 1999.

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