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This is a software requires to be running on your computer all the time and inspect all incoming data on your computer(pc).If something seems to be suspectible it blocks it and warn the user of the computer.

A software program designed to identify and remove a known or potential computer virus.

An insulated electrical conductor, often in strands, or a
combination of electrical conductors insulated from one another.

Dial up
Of or pertaining to a terminal that links to a computer
by dialing a telephone number

A generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone
companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high
speeds [syn: digital subscriber line, DSL]

Dumpster Diving
Dumpster diving, also called dumpstering, binning, trashing, garbing, or garbage gleaning is a North American term to describe the practice of rummaging through commercial or residential trash to find useful free items that have been discarded. In addition to offering useful items like food and clothing, dumpsters can also be a source of information. Files, letters, memos, photographs, IDs, passwords, credit cards and more can be found in dumpsters. This is a result of the fact that many people never consider that sensitive items they throw in the trash may be recovered. Such information, when recovered, is sometimes usable for fraudulent purposes.

An integrated collection of security measures designed to prevent unauthorized
electronic access to a networked computer system.

A computer and the associated physical equipment directly
involved in the performance of data-processing or communications functions. OR

the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical devices comprising a
computer system, as the CPU, disk drives, keyboard, or screen.

Identity Theft
The crime of obtaining the personal or financial information of another person
for the purpose of assuming that person's name to make transactions or purchases.

A portable, usu. battery-powered microcomputer small enough to rest on the user's lap.

Software, such as viruses, intended to damage or disable a computer system;
short for malicious software; also written mal-ware.

A vertical case, smaller than a tower and larger than a case for a desktop computer, designed to house a computer system standing on a floor or desk.

An electronic device that makes possible the transmission
of data to or from a computer via telephone or other communication lines.

A component, as a CRT, with a screen for viewing data at a computer terminal.

Multifactor Authentication

A light, portable computer that is generally thinner than a laptop.

Operating Systems
The collection of software that directs a computer's operations, controlling
and scheduling the execution of other programs, and managing storage,
input/output, and communication resources. Abbreviation: OS OR
software that controls the execution of computer programs
and may provide various services

A small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed
to be used by one person at a time [syn: PC]


A method of identity theft carried out through the creation of a website
that seems to represent a legitimate company. The visitors to the site,
thinking they are buying something from a real business, submit their personal
information to the site. The criminals then use the personal information for
their own purposes, or sell the information to other criminal parties.

A classic example of phishing is an identity thief setting up a website that
looks like it belongs to a major bank. Then, that thief sends out many emails
that claim to be from the major bank and request the email recipients to input
their personal banking information (such as their PIN) into the website so the
bank may update their records. Once the scammer gets a hold of the needed
personal information, they attempt to access the victim's bank account.

Pyramid Scams

The programs used to direct the operation of a computer,
as well as documentation giving instructions on how to use them.

Spear Phishing


Any software that covertly gathers information about a user while he/she
navigates the Internet and transmits the information to an individual or
company that uses it for marketing or other purposes.


Trojan Horse
A non-replicating computer program planted illegally in another program
to do damage locally when the software is activated.

A segment of self-replicating code(s) planted illegally in a computer program,
often to damage or shut down a system or network.

Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Any system or device, as a cellular phone, for transmitting messages or signals by electromagnetic waves.no wires.

A computer code planted illegally in a software program so as to destroy
data in any system that downloads the program, as by reformatting the hard disk.


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