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Know Your Bank

Many scam artists will call, email, or mail requesting you to input personal information while claiming to be from a financial institution, credit card service, etc. Your best defense against these types of frauds is to know the practices of the business or financial institution that is calling you. Any communication out of the ordinary should send up a red flag of suspician.

If you have any question as to whether a person communicating with you by phone or email is from Blackhawk, take the person's name and call them back at Blackhawk Bank & Trust's main number (309) 787-4451.

Blackhawk Bank & Trust will not:

  • Ask for your pin number or password.
  • Send or request sensitive information by email.
  • Call and ask for your personal information such as your social security number to enroll you in a service like fraud protection.







INTERNET BANKING ENHANCED SECURITY| Learn what steps Blackhawk is taking to protect you online.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE A VICTIM? | Learn what actions you can take if you are a victim of Identity Theft.

INTERNET RELATED THREATS | Learn more about common Internet based threats and how to protect yourself from them.
PHONE AND MAIL SCAMS| While Internet attacks are common, thieves still use traditional means to attack.
KNOW YOUR BANK | Protect yourself from fraud by learning what Blackhawk Bank & Trust will and will not do.

DEFINITIONS | Not sure what phishing and pharming are? Check our definitions page.

LINKS| Information is power. Check out additional links to information to protect yourself.

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