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Blackhawk Bank & Trust's Internet Banking Secure Login

Many of you may have noticed that Blackhawk Bank & Trust's login page for Internet Banking has changed. Security is an ever growing concern among Internet users. Be assured that this new log in page is no less secure than the previous log in page.

When you log on to eCHIEF using the form at the top of the homepage or any other page on our site you can be sure your information is posting to a secure server using SSL (secure sockets layer). You can verify this on any form by noticing the site listed when you click submit your information. The url in the address bar changes to a url that starts with https:// which stands for hypertext transfer protocol over SSL. This can also be seen in a more technical way by viewing the source code. Once you find the code for the FORM, you will see an "action" attribute. The URL will start with https://.

Once you have successfully sent your login information over HTTPS, you will notice that https:// appears in the address bar in subsequent pages. This verifies that the account information you receive from the server is also encrypted so only you can see your information.











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DEFINITIONS | Not sure what phishing and pharming are? Check our definitions page.

LINKS| Information is power. Check out additional links to information to protect yourself.

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