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Press Releases

Blackhawk Bancorporation Inc. Holds Annual Shareholders Meeting
W. Gerard Huiskamp Recognized; Succession Plan Announced as James H. Huiskamp named President

Milan, IL (February 4, 2014) Blackhawk Bancorporation Inc, the Milan-based holding company of Blackhawk Bank & Trust relayed continued strong performance at the company's Annual Shareholder's Meeting, held on Monday, February 3, 2014.

As part of the bank's strategic plan, James H. Huiskamp was named President of Blackhawk Bank & Trust and W. Gerard Huiskamp was elevated to the position of Executive Chairman. These appointments represent a natural progression in the bank's future of remaining a locally owned and operated community bank.

"In my new role as Executive Chairman of the Board," stated W. Gerard Huiskamp, "I will continue to be active in the management of the Bank. It is truly our intention to transition responsibility to Jim so that Blackhawk Bank can remain on its present course. We are still 'Not For Sale'."

Blackhawk Bank & Trust was pleased to report net earnings per share of $90.38 and an above average return of assets of 1.29% and return of equity of 14.69%, surpassing the bank's goal of 1% for return on assets and 10% for return on equity.

Addressing the strong performance of the bank James H. Huiskamp noted, "It has become increasingly difficult to negotiate through heavier regulatory burdens which have been placed on all banks these past few years. We are fortunate to have grown to our current size of over a billion dollars so that we can spread these costs, and duties, out over the entire organization. Our employees drive our success."

Directors re-elected at the annual meeting were Dr. Earl DeZeeuw, retired; John Hass, Chairman, Valley Construction Company; John W. Hoscheidt, President, WRMJ Radio; James H. Huiskamp, President, Blackhawk Bank & Trust; and James H. Nash, Attorney. Other directors are Kenneth M. Collinson, Attorney; Charles C. Ellis, President, Riverstone Group, Inc.; Anthony L. Hodge, President, Hodge Construction Company; Heidi Huiskamp Collins, Senior Vice President & Trust Officer, Blackhawk Bank & Trust; W. Gerard Huiskamp, Executive Chairman, Blackhawk Bank & Trust; Daniel W. Schurr, President, Sycamore Creek, Inc.; Larry K. Anderson, President, East Moline Glass Company; and Lincoln T. Scott, Attorney.

Blackhawk Bank & Trust is headquartered in Milan, IL and has full-service branches in Milan, Rock Island, Coal Valley, Moline, East Moline, Geneseo, Silvis, Colona, Aledo, and Edgington, Illinois and Davenport, LeClaire and Princeton, Iowa.




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