About Us

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We love the Quad Cities. Since 1961 it has been our home. Even though over 55 years have elapsed from the time we first broke ground for our Milan facility, we have remained a locally owned and operated bank, committed to the growth and wellbeing of this area and the people who make it so special.

Our Mission Statement
At Blackhawk Bank & Trust we are very cognizant of both our ethical and financial commitment to our customers, employees and shareholders. Therefore, we adhere to a simple mission statement which forms the basis of our business plan: “To serve the needs of our customers, employees and shareholders while maintaining local ownership.” We Are Safe, Solid And Secure.

Statement of Condition December 31, 2018

Cash and due from Banks$20,115,654.01
U.S. Government Agency Bonds$336,729,996.00
U.S. Government Pools$91,890,002.44
Municipal Bonds$176,737,473.61
Other Securities$49,239,162.93
Loans and Discounts Net of 
Reserve for Bad Debt 
Discount for Country Bank/Port Byron State Bank Loans($2,274,820.49)$647,375,051.35
Bank Premises, Furniture & Fixtures$15,832,343.40
Other Assets$16,233,078.84
Mark to Market Adjustment$3,762,027.45
Total Assets$1,357,914,790.03

Undivided Profits$142,620,526.82
Other Liabilities$3,167,725.79
FHLB and Federal Funds$128,000,000.00
Repurchase Agreement and Sweeps$130,025,936.68
Mark to Market Adjustment$2,708,659.76
Total Liabilities$1,357,914,790.03

W. Gerard HuiskampChairman
James H. HuiskampPresident
Larry K. AndersonPresident, East Moline Glass Company
Kenneth M. CollinsonAttorney
Charles C. EllisPresident, RiverStone Group, Inc.
Anthony L. HodgePresident, Hodge Construction Company
John W. HoscheidtOwner/General Manager, WRMJ Radio
James H. NashAttorney
Daniel W. SchurrPresident, Sycamore Creek, Inc.
Lincoln T. ScottAttorney

W. Gerard HuiskampChairman
James H. HuiskampPresident
T.J. HoffmanSenior Vice President & Cashier
Frank VretisSenior Vice President
Christopher J. LemonSenior Vice President
Scott BeelerSenior Vice President
Adam R. BainSenior Vice President
Roger ReedVice President
Bradley R. FordVice President
John LewandowskiVice President
Bruce A. BrooksVice President
David L. Emerick, Jr.Vice President
Evan JohnsonVice President
Melinda UrbanVice President
Dale HarmonVice President 
Darci ToppertVice President
Michael J. BrokawVice President 
Jodie Corey BehrensVice President & Director of Marketing
Toni GasperVice President 
Eric MutkaVice President & Investments
Judy BingmanVice President & Trust Officer
John PetersVice President & Investment Executive
Carrie A. CrossenVice President & Investment Executive
Nathan YoungbloodHuman Resources Officer
Randi RussellInformation Technology Officer
Tanner FoxCollection Officer
Michelle DawsonHead of Secondary Market
Kristen GatesInternal Auditor
Lindsey KingeBanking Officer
Brian YaklichAssistant Vice President & Compliance Officer
Amanda BrittonAssistant Vice President & Head of Installment Loans
Deborah TillAssistant Vice President
Kevin BradleyAssistant Vice President
Angie BighamAssistant Vice President
Nicole KearneyAssistant Vice President
JT VonderhaarAssistant Vice President
Jaci DeRooAssistant Vice President
Shelley PotterAssistant Vice President
Jason SchulteAssistant Vice President
Jodi MaxwellAssistant Vice President
Patti BrodellLoan Review Officer
Matthew MizeurCredit Analyst
Blake BrooksCredit Analyst
Isha ReadingLoan Officer
Ryan JohnsonLoan Officer
Jennifer WestLoan Officer
Drew ScharerLoan Officer
Laura DeClercqLoan Officer
Diane KpomassyLoan Officer
Jolene RichardsonLoan Processing Officer
Jessica CushmanLoan Processing Officer
Bonnie DrakeBookkeeping Supervisor
Carrie Gibbons-FlotoTrust Officer
Chad BorlandBank Card Officer
Amy HoodTraining Officer
Kathy SchroederAssistant Cashier
Victoria L. JohnstonAssistant Cashier
Mary BainAssistant Cashier
Shelly HickersonAssistant Cashier
Diane FrankAssistant Cashier
Vicky EarelAssistant Cashier
Julie BisbyAssistant Cashier
Natalie ErnatAssistant Cashier
Beth SalmonAssistant Cashier
Jennifer RansdellAssistant Cashier
Leiana GarciaAssistant Cashier
Julie HagerAssistant Cashier
Traci RiegerAssistant Cashier
Ann HeerenAssistant Cashier
Kimberly BrozovichAssistant Cashier
Lynet CoblerAssistant Cashier
Rita MaynardAssistant Cashier