eCORP Business Online

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Blackhawk Bank & Trust offers a sophisticated, yet user-friendly set of online tools that can be customized to suit any business. choosing the chief means you are getting personalized customer service from the beginning and through each step of your experience with us. Our eBanking team is available by phone or online through secure email or even sharing our desktop with you if that’s the easiest way to give you step-by-step instructions.

The eCORP system allows authorized employees of your business to quickly and easily log in and manage finances with very few clicks. Upon login, customers can can use the overview page to view real-time account balances and cash position, as well as loan maturity, payment and interest information, monitor transaction history, account access, and review, view and print check images and deposits.


The funds management system provides businesses with the ability to conveniently make disbursements, tax and loan payments, ACH and internal transfers, domestic and foreign wire transfers, and more. A convenient transactions tool on the overview page eliminates the need to navigate to multiple locations to perform a variety of transfer management functions. You can use this tool to view recent transactions, submit decisions on pending transfers, and edit and delete scheduled transfers.


eCapture is a feature within Business Online. This remote deposit feature offers customers the convenience and cost savings of making check deposits from your locations. Cost effective and easy to use, this solution enables your customers to scan multiple checks at one time and transmit check images and data directly to Blackhawk Bank & Trust for faster, more streamlined deposit processing.

With a PC, scanner, and internet connection, checks received at your business can be scanned and electronically deposited into Blackhawk Bank & Trust via eCapture. By simply placing your check(s) into a scanner, both the front and back of your check images and payment information are automatically captured including names, invoice numbers and account numbers. After recording your “virtual deposit slip” into the program and feeding the checks into the scanner; the system creates check images, determines check amounts, verifies routing numbers, and checks for duplication. eCapture uses a virtual (image) endorsement, which eliminates the problems of ink maintenance. Once balanced, the batch is sent electronically to the bank for processing.


Blackhawk Bank & Trust Positive Pay features both Check and ACH positive pay in a single sign-on system. There are multiple ways to transfer information into the system. Upload via website, manually enter, or via an auto load module (clients FTP data to Blackhawk Bank & Trust). We accept Excel, .CSV, fixed and delimited types of formats.

With check uploads, there is no cutoff time. Checks can be uploaded into the system and will show as outstanding items after upload. Upon setup, you will be trained to establish specific filters and blocks on your account.

ACH Transaction Filters. You choose which ACH debit entries should be allowed to post. This process can help prevent unauthorized transactions while allowing certain transactions to occur as expected.

ACH Transaction Block. You can block a transaction to prevent all ACH activity from posting to an account. This can prevent unauthorized electronic transactions from occurring on your account. You may add, modify or delete authorization records using eCORP Business Online in a real-time environment.

Alerts & Information Reporting. Email alerts inform you of ACH activity affecting your account including the status of ACH transmissions.


This one-stop bill pay dashboard with single sign-on inside of eCORP Business Online allows customers to perform the majority of bill pay activities from one central destination.

Using the Bill Payment feature you can receive and pay bills, view recent payments, set bill reminders, enroll to receive electronic bill statements online via e-bill, set up recurring payments, pay multiple invoices simultaneously, set multi-tiered employee authority levels, and maintain an audit trail of bill pay actions.


eCORP Business Online is protected by several industry tested and perfected firewalls and encryption methodologies so that you can use it without concern. Login features of eCORP include the standard user ID and password, but also adds security with Multifactor Identification numbers (PIN)s and a random, one-time password, which is generated by a small, handheld device. Lastly, you choose who has access to eCORP and each individual is set up under security levels chosen by you.


eCORP is offered to Blackhawk Bank & Trust business customers for a tiered monthly fee based on the number of customers with automatic withdrawals and/or the number of employees receiving direct deposit. This service includes an unlimited number of accounts and customized security. Our earnings credit may offset the monthly service charge.

For additional details, contact our eBanking Department at (309) 787-9575 or email us at ebanking@choosethechief.comFor your protection do not include your access ID, password, Social Security Number, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or other confidential information in emails to Blackhawk Bank & Trust. Message us securely