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Blackhawk Bank & Trust Heartbleed Vulnerability Response

  • The bank does not maintain customer information on our website choosethechief.com.
  • We are being proactive in working with our vendors to ensure security.
  • We advise that you identify all websites which store your personal information to see when/if you need to change your password. Please note all passwords should be changed AFTER the vulnerability has been addressed by those sites.

Our recommendations to our customers for best online security practices are:

  • Change passwords frequently
  • Use complex passwords (a combination of capitals, lowercase, numbers, and symbols when possible)
  • Do not use the same password on multiple websites

The security of customer information is of utmost importance to Blackhawk Bank & Trust.

The news agencies have recently reported a vulnerability in one of the main encryption tools used to securely transmit data over the Internet. This vulnerability has been termed the “Heartbleed bug,” a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL software.

Blackhawk Bank & Trust does not maintain customer information on our website www.choosethechief.com. We have communicated with our primary service providers to verify that systems running services with customer information such as Internet banking have not been vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.

We have been, and continue to be, proactive in working with the bank’s vendors to verify whether their webservers have been affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. As we receive additional details from these vendors we will act appropriately to ensure that any exposure they may have is properly remediated.

Additional information:
More information on the vulnerability can be found at http://heartbleed.com/.