Safe Deposit Boxes

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When it comes to safeguarding your valuables, nothing is more secure, convenient and accessible than a Safe Deposit Box with Blackhawk Bank & Trust. Located in the vault at any of our branch locations, and available in a variety of sizes, these strongboxes can be used to store important personal, business and financial papers & documents as well as other valuable items. There are limited Safe Deposit Box quantities at each location, subject to availability.

Important Answers to common Safe Deposit Box Questions:

What is a Safe Deposit Box?

A Safe Deposit Box is a sturdy metal container that can be rented on an annual basis to store valuables. These boxes are retained in small compartments in the bank’s vault. Each compartment has a separate lock with a dual access key. To meet the needs of customers, Safe Deposit Boxes are available in a variety of sizes.

Where are Safe Deposit Boxes located?

Safe Deposit Boxes are located in a section of the bank’s vault. The vault is a large room where cash, records and other items of value are kept. Because the vault is constructed of cement and steel, you can be assured that the contents of your box are safe & secure.

Why rent a Safe Deposit Box?

Safe Deposit Boxes are ideal for storing valuables. Take a quick inventory of your personal items and ask yourself these questions: Are these items important to me? Would it be difficult or impossible to replace these belongings? Are these items in danger of fire or theft? Is it possible that I could lose or misplace these items? Is there any risk that these items could decay or deteriorate if I fail to protect them? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, a Safe Deposit Box may be of significant value to you.

Who is eligible to rent a Safe Deposit Box?

Safe Deposit boxes are available to individuals, married persons, businesses, associations, churches, clubs, organizations…basically to any person or group that would require one for safekeeping.

What are the procedures for renting a Safe Deposit Box?

To rent a Safe Deposit Box, you must complete and sign a lease agreement. This agreement contains the date, our name, your name, number of the Safe Deposit Box, the annual rental fee, the annual renewal date, terms and conditions of the agreement, your signature and our authorized signature.

Is there a key issued for each Safe deposit Box that is rented?

When you rent a Safe Deposit Box, you are issued two keys which fit only your lock. Each key should be secured in a safe – but separate – location.

What happens if a Safe Deposit Box key is lost?

If your key is lost, we must drill and replace the Safe Deposit Box lock and give you a new set of keys. If this occurs, the renter is responsible for the expense required to drill and replace the Safe Deposit Box and the keys. For this reason, it is critical that you know the whereabouts of your keys at all times.

What articles should I keep in a Safe Deposit Box?

Whether your items are of purely sentimental importance or of great financial value, a Safe Deposit Box will keep them well protected. Following is a list of personal, business and financial items that you may consider keeping in a Safe Deposit Box: Abstracts, Adoption Papers, Agreements, Articles of Partnership, Bank Records, Bills of Sale, Birth Certificates, Blueprints, By-laws, Certificates of Deposit, Charters, Citizenship Papers, Collectable Coins, Contracts, Court Decrees, Deeds, Diaries, Drawings, Family Records, Guarantees, Heirlooms, Historical Records, Important Cancelled Checks, Income Tax Records, Insurance Policies, Inventories (Household or Business), Leases, Legal Documents, Letters, Marriage License(s), Medals, Military Service & Discharge Records, Mortgages, Notes, Passbooks, Passport, Patent Papers, Pension and Profit Sharing Documents, Photographs, Receipts, Retirement Papers (IRAs, 401k, etc.) Securities & Stocks, Social Security Records, Souvenirs, Special Formulas, Stamp Collections, Surety Bonds, Tax Receipts, Tax Records, Trademark Papers, Trust Papers,

How does a Safe Deposit Box open?

A Safe Deposit Box cannot be opened (except by force) unless one of your keys and our guard key are both used. Your key opens one set of tumblers, the guard key opens another set of tumblers to release the lock. Neither key by itself can unlock the Safe Deposit Box. This gives you additional assurance as to the privacy and safety of your Safe Deposit Box contents.

What are the procedures for entering a Safe Deposit Box?

Each time you wish to enter your Safe Deposit Box, you are required to sign an admission form. For identification purposes, the signature on this form is verified against the rental agreement signature on our records. Once your signature is verified, you are accompanied to the Safe Deposit Box area by an attendant. After you open and remove the Safe Deposit Box, the attendant will leave you alone in a viewing room to take care of your business. Please be sure to keep your Safe Deposit Box with you at all times until it is returned to the vault.

What happens to my Safe Deposit Box and its contents if I die?

If you die, a legal representative of your estate or joint renters of the box (if any) should inform the Bank of your death as soon as possible. Under the law in some states, we may refuse all access to the Safe Deposit Box until we are notified of the existence of a legal representative of the estate of the deceased renter (this may be true even if the other renter or renters are still alive). In other states, the law specifies that the death of one holder of a jointly held Safe Deposit Box does not affect the right of any other holder of the box to have access to and remove the contents from the Box. Finally, under the law in certain states, we may, upon the death of one of the renters of a Safe Deposit Box, allow the Box to be accessed only for the purpose of locating a will and listing the contents of the Box. Withdrawal of the contents, however, will not be allowed until certain legal requirements are met. Your attorney can provide you with specific details as they pertain to Safe Deposit Box access in your state. Should I maintain an inventory of my Safe Deposit Box contents? Yes! We recommend that you keep an accurate inventory of the contents of your Safe Deposit Box at all times. A listing of the contents should be kept inside the Safe Deposit Box and another copy kept in another safe location. For your convenience, we are happy to provide you with a complimentary Safe Deposit Box inventory record available at any of our locations.

What are the dimensions of the Safe Deposit Boxes that you offer and what are the annual rental fees?

3 x 5 x 22 Annual Rental Fee: $15.00

4 x 5 x 22 Annual Rental Fee: $17.00

5 x 5 x 22 Annual Rental Fee: $22.00

3 x 10 x 22 Annual Rental Fee: $25.00

5 x 10 x 22 Annual Rental Fee: $40.00

10 x 10 x 22 Annual Rental Fee: $70.00

Lost Vault Keys (per key) $30.00.
Vault Drilling Cost of Drilling Safe Deposit Box Late Fee $10.00*

*Overdue/delinquent Safe Deposit Box rental accounts will be charged a $10.00 one (1) time fee per year. Silver Hawk Club members receive a 10% discount on the Annual Rental Fees. For your convenience, Annual Rental Fees can be automatically deducted from any Blackhawk Bank & Trust checking or savings account.

NOTICE: Your Safe Deposit Box contents are not covered by FDIC Insurance. For your protection, we suggest that you keep a detailed inventory of your Safe Deposit Box contents at all times. Please check with your insurance provider to verify if you have a current property and casualty or supplemental policy that allows coverage for your Safe Deposit Box contents.