Travel EMV Card FAQ

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What is a Travel EMV Card?

Travel EMV Card is a prepaid, reloadable card that is an alternative to traveling with cash, credit cards or traditional traveler’s checks. The cards are safe, easy to use, and accepted worldwide. Travel EMV cards utilize a microchip built inside the card to transmit information, similar to systems overseas. The microchip makes this card popular when traveling, especially overseas. Minimum load: $100.00 Maximum load: $5,000.00.

Reloads are available. Where can I purchase a Travel EMV Card?

You can purchase a Travel EMV Card at any Blackhawk Bank & Trust location.

Where can I use my Travel EMV Card?

It can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted! You can make purchases up to the value that is on the card. The card is welcome at millions of locations worldwide, including retail stores and online.

How do I activate my Travel EMV Card?

Cardholders must call the toll-free Customer Service number (855) 898-0087 to activate their card. At the time of call, you will be provided your PIN. For activating a gift card, the card holder will need the card number and the CVV number.

Can I check the balance on my Travel EMV Card?

Yes, you may check your available balance for free by accessing your Card Account by calling (855) 898-0087 or going online to to view a free electronic statement each time a transaction occurs.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

If you believe your card has been lost or stolen, or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission, call Customer Service at (855) 898-0087. Telephoning is the best way to minimize any possible loses. If you want to replace your card, please contact Customer Service to request a new card. There will be a $10.00 replacement fee.

Are there any fees associated with my Travel EMV Card?

The Travel EMV Card purchase fee is $10.00. Following 90 days of inactivity, a monthly fee of $2.50 will be applied to any remaining balance. A $10.00 cash out fee may also apply.

For more information, please read the Terms & Conditions provided upon purchase regarding any additional fees that may apply. For more information, contact a Customer Service Representative at any of our branch locations.