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A Mobile Fraud Protection Tool: CardValet®

CardValet gives Blackhawk Bank & Trust debit MasterCard® users the ability to actively manage your debit card usage by defining when, where and how your debit card is used.

How to turn your card on/off

  • When your debit card is “off”, no purchases or withdrawals are approved until the card is turned back “on”. This can be used to disable a lost or stolen card.
  • When the card is “on”, transactions are allowed in accordance with the cardholder’s usage control settings.

How to make the most of CardValet

  • Report or restrict PIN and signature transactions.
  • Detect unauthorized activity.
  • Establish spending limits specific to your debit card.
  • Control merchant categories.
  • Use GPS to control the purchase area.
  • Restrict usage by expandable map.

Enabling CardValet alerts

  • Real-time alerts are available right on your app and/or in your notifications.
  • The alerts and availability of transaction data offer an additional layer of fraud protection.
  • Keep informed of transactions, wherever you are.

  Where to find CardValet

  • CardValet is available in the Blackhawk Bank & Trust mobile app, or
  • Download the stand-alone app from the App store or Google play.