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electronic statements

Electronic Statements

Enroll for eStatements today and discover all the advantages of an electronic statement. 

  • Fast delivery: get your statements the day they are ready!
  • Simple storage: store your eStatements where it's convenient for you. Print them out or keep them electronic- up to you. 
  • Secure: receiving your eStatements via online banking helps ward off identity theft. Why? Identity theft experts report that most identity theft occurs through the mail or improperly discarded paper documents containing sensitive information.
  • Free: eStatements are absolutely free to you, whereas a paper statement fee may be applied for receiving your statements via the postal service.

The video will show you how:

  • Paper statements are a simple and secure alternative to paper statements
  • How to enroll for eStatements.
  • How to find your eStatements in your online banking account.