Fee Schedule

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Fees*, if applicable, will be assessed to your account(s)
*ATM transactions include but are not limited to withdrawals, fund transfers and inquiries. Includes Savings Accounts in excess of nine (9) per quarter.
Checking Deposit Tickets are not returned with our monthly account statement. Please keep your transaction receipt for reference.
*overdue/delinquent safe deposit box rental accounts will be charged a $10.00 one (1) time fee per year.
• Service fee for any account closed within sixty (60) days of opening: $15.00. This fee is assessed as a hold on your account and will reduce your available account balance.
• A NSF fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means.
• VISA® Credit Cards and Overdraft Protection services are available. Please ask a customer service representative for details and related fees on those products/services.
• Fees charged to Iowa customers will be subject to state and local sales tax.

Fees effective as of 11/2018
Account Transfer by Phone (performed by a teller or CSR)$2.00
Account Transfer by TeleCHIEF Phone Banking or eCHIEF Internet BankingFREE
Balancing Customer Checkbook2 months 
Over 2 months
$20.00 per hour
Canadian Item FeePer Item$5.00
Cashier’s CheckCustomer$3.00
Checks deposited returned unpaidPer check$4.50
Dormant Savings Account FeeInactive for two (2) years$2.00 per quarter
Dormant Checking Account Fee. Applicable when account is inactive for twelve (12) months
• Non-interest bearing checking accounts: $2.00 per month if balance falls between $200.00 and $300.00$3.00 per month if balance falls below $200.00
- all other no minimum balance checking accounts $3.00 per month.
• Interest bearing checking accounts$5.00 per month if monthly minimum balance is not maintained. (Minimum balance requirements shown in graph)
• Business accounts/Free Small Business $3.00 monthly regardless of balance after 12 months of no activity
Duplicating ServicesPer copy$0.25
eCHIEF Internet BankingBasic ServicesFREE
eCHIEF Internet Banking with Bill PayBasic ServicesFREE
Popmoney (Person to Person Payments) via eCHIEF Internet Banking

Bill Payment Required
Standard Delivery
(3 Business Days)
$5.00 - $249.99
$250.00 - $500.00
$500.01 - Maximum Limit
$0.50 per payment
$1.00 per payment
$1.00 per payment
Next Business Day Delivery
$5.00 - $249.99
$250.00 - $500.00
$500.01 - Maximum Limit
$1.50 per payment
$1.50 per payment
Not Available
Mobile DepositPer Deposit (ea. check)
Per Check Deposit Limit
Daily Deposit Limit
Electronic Image Inquiries via eCHIEF Internet BankingFREE
EDI monthly fee$10.00
Facsimile ServicesFirst page 
Each additional page
Hard Copy Statement PrintoutEach Page$1.00
Incoming Collections$15.00
License Plate Renewal StickerPer sticker$5.50
Microfilm SearchPer hour 
Per copy 
Minimum charge
Money Orders (Customers Only)$2.00
Night Depository Bag with LockInitial Cost 
Yearly fee for first bag 
Yearly fee for each additional bag
Zipper Bag 
Additional Zipper Bag
NSF Paid Item Fee (max. 4 per day)$29.00 per item
NSF Returned Item fee (max. 4 per day)$29.00 per item
Processing of Levies or Garnishments$30.00
Purchase of Treasury Bills or NotesAt Market 
At Auction
Safe Deposit BoxesDimensionsAnnual Rental Fee
3 x 5 x 22 
4 x 5 x 22 
5 x 5 x 22 
3 x 10 x 22 
5 x 10 x 22 
10 x 10 x 22
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee$10.00*
Safe Deposit Box Lost Keys$30.00 per key
Special Statement$5.00
Stop Payment RequestWith Information 
Without Information
$29.00 per request 
$34.00 per request
Visa Travel CardsPer Card: $9.95
Minimum Load: $100.00 
Maximum Load: $5,000.00
Visa Gift CardsPer Card: $3.00 
Minimum Load: $10.00 
Maximum Load: $1,000.00
Visa Reloadable CardsPer Card: $5.00 
Minimum Load: $100.00 
Maximum Load: $5,000.00
Vault DrillingCost of Drilling
Wire Transfer- Domestic IncomingCustomer 
Wire Transfer- Domestic Outgoing$20.00
Wire Transfer- Foreign/International$57.00